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We are small by design.

Welcome to Pauahaus, a boutique production agency in Sydney, passionate about creating branded and experiential content.

Our tight-knit team comprises experienced marketing professionals and artistic creatives dedicated to storytelling.

As an agile independent agency, we fully immerse ourselves in crafting original content. From strategy and design to execution, we’re here to bring your story to life.

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Stand out from the rest.

We help brands tell their stories with creative content that engages, entertains and motivates audiences through brand–led creative, video and digital media production.

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Unleash Creativity and Authenticity with Pauahaus.We help you find the sweet spot.

What We Do

We create content to establish a genuine connection between your brand and your audience.

From creative development, branded content, commercials, promos, web and social media content through to full broadcast series and across all budget levels.

We created a nimble agency service where production processes combine with responsive content creation to offer the best project solutions for our clients, no matter the project size.

Who We Are

Digitally focused collaborators that live and breathe creative content around the clock.

We are obsessed with design, pop culture, new media influencers, vloggers and YouTubers. Some might say we live in the socials!

We’re a dedicated team of marketers, designers, producers, directors, editors, copywriters and animators. Our in-house capabilities consist of stills photography, digital videography, broadcast production and animation.

Our Ethos

We are driven to redefine the standard on how content is designed, produced and presented in the digital era.

Our agency is fearless in spirit, powered by creators with our finger on the pulse of the content style people actually want to watch and share.

We’re the game-changers who aren’t afraid to ‘colour outside the lines’ to push the boundaries with our creative content and challenge conventional thinking to offer the best outcomes for our clients.

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